Dell Inspiron Laptop Winners Announced!

Three of our lucky customers among the participants in the survey have won " Dell Inspiron 3558 Intel Core i5 5200 ". The names of the lucky winners are given below. We congratulate winners, and request them kindly to contact us until 08.03.2017 (at 17h00) via or phone number +09 216 540 67 24 and let us know the delivery address.


No       Name Surname                                            Company Name                    

1 -        Gökhan ŞEN                                                  Şenlift Elektronik Asansör           

2-         Gülten GÜNDÜZALP                                    Elf Asansör            

3-         Hans Hellström Laxing                                ALT Hiss              


Alternate Winners (*) :           

No       Name Surname                                          Company Name                    

1 -         Kadir Yasir USCA                                       Sarıalioğlu Asansör                          

2-          Hakan KANTAŞ                                         Astis Asansör                               

3-          Taher Allassaga                                        Assada




(*) If the prize goes unclaimed alternate winners will be prized randomly.