Speed Control Units / ADrive

Anti-rollback function to prevent the rollback without a load cell unit.
Automatic travel curve correction function for short floors.
Over-gain detection function to prevent motor oscillation.
Provides an evacuation operation by driving the motor with back-up power.
- Power circuit: Can be supplied using 60-120V battery pack or 230VAC UPS with suitable power rating
- Control circuit: Can be supplied using an external 24Vdc power supply
Optimum evacuation direction (lowest power consumption).
Static auto-tuning for synchronous motors (without rotating the motor).
Mechanical brake release monitoring.
Motor and brake resistor temperature monitoring.
Special manual evacuation screen for displaying the direction of car, car speed and over-speed warning.
Incremental encoder support (on device)
- 5V-24V, TTL, HTL, pnp output, npn output, totem pole output incremental encoders
- Incremental encoder simulation outputs
Absolute encoder support (with an additional module ENCABIT-Plus)
- EnDat, SSI and SinCos encoders
- Absolute encoder simulation outputs
User friendly LCD menus for all parameters and faults.
ADriveWin simulator/monitor software for travel curve simulation, monitoring data and transferring parameters.
Ability to update firmware via computer.
Data Key for easy saving and transferring parameters.
Remote control and monitoring via ADrive Remote Keypad.
Serial communication with ARL-500 lift controller through RS-485 port.
Ability to save last 256 errors to facilitate maintenance and repair.
Monitorings for total working time, total travel distance and total number of travel (stop/run).
Turkish, English and French language options.


Mains power 340-420 V, 50/60 Hz, 3~

Model kW In Imaks(< 6s)
ADRIVE-4B055 5,5kW 14A 28A
ADRIVE-4B075 7,5kW 17A 34A
ADRIVE-4B110 11kW 26A 52A
ADRIVE-4C150 15kW 35A 70A
ADRIVE-4C220 22kW 50A 100A


Can be used with asynchronous (geared) and synchronous (gearless) lift drives.
Provides greate travel comfort.
Load-independent and sensitive stopping on the floors.
High torque motor drive at all speed via space vector modulation.
Up to 40% electrical usage savings.
Elimination of startup problems with generators by the help of controlled motor current.
Specifically designed for elevators. Special parameters for travelling comfort.
10 KHz IPM switching frequency for low noise motor drive.
Energy consumption through an internal DC reactor.
4 low noise fans for efficient cooling.
All isolated control inputs and outputs.
Over-load, high voltage, low voltage, output short circuit, power lost, line phase control, over heat, ground fault, over-torque and other necessary protection functions.
EMC tested and verified.
5.5 kW, 7.5 kW, 11 kW, 15 kW and 22 kW power rating models.


ENCABIT-Plus: An external encoder interface module mounted to ADrive for synchronous gearless applications.

The absolute encoder connection and other functions used for synchronous motors are provided with the support of ENCABIT-Plus module.

Absolute encoder connection via:
- Terminal block
- 15-pin D-SUB female connector
Absolute encoder simulation outputs
5 digital inputs
2 transistor outputs

ADrive Remote Keypad: Remote control terminal to access ADrive.

ADrive Remote Keypad is an external remote control terminal used when direct access to ADrive control panel is not possible.

128x64 pixel resolution graphic LCD display
Travel curve simulation on LCD display
6-key keypad
Easy connection with a standard CAT5 network cable


ADriveWin Simulation & Monitoring Software

ADriveWin simulator/monitor software is used with ADrive for travel curve simulation, monitoring data and transfering parameters.

ARKEL Firmware Updater

You can update the firmware of ADrive VVVF Inverter later than V8.00 which supports updating via ARKEL Firmware Updater software.