Lift Controllers / ARL 200S


Number of Stops : 16 stops
Control Type : Simple Push Button
Parallel command
Single button up & down collective
Single button up collective Single button down collective
Driving Type : Single Speed
Two Speed
VVVF Speed Controlled
Group Operation : Up to 2 elevators
Serial Communication : With car


Can be used at any command type up to 16 floors.
All system parameters can be adjusted by user via buttons and LCD on the card.
Can be used in group operation.
All panels in the group are same and no extra panel is needed. Only to do is setting each panel as A,B and C in the program menu.
Compatible with VVVF drivers.
Only two cables needed for group communication.
Floor detection is carried out by counter system. Only 3 magnetic swtiches for one speed and 4 for two speed systems including limit switches are used for any number of floors.
An error code with its explanation is displayed on the LCD at an abnormal condition. (Ex. H1:Door can not locked)
At normal condition the lift can be monitored by mesages on the LCD. (Waits for calls, high speed, low speed, inpection)
Turkish, English, Dutch, Romanian, French language menu options
Each floor can be named by an alphanumeric character. (L,P,E,F,H,b,o,0, 1,2,3…..)
7-segment and signalization outputs are short-circuit protected.In a short ciruit case the concerned output is shut down until problem is removed and a message stating which output is short-circuit displayed on LCD. ( D segment short circuit)
Only 15 cables are enough for system to work by using serial car connection (FX_SERI) which reduces labour and cable costs.
No extra switch needed at high speed lifts (1,6m/sn) for early slow down.
Designed according to Europian lift standart EN-81.