Lift Controllers / ARL 500


Complete elevator control system with all electronic equipments Saving extra cards provided by its components that work in complete harmony Getting the whole command system from one supplier thereby saving time
Plug & Play connections by pre-wired installations Saving from labor time by easy and fast installation Secure and faultless connections by pre-tested cables
Contemporary design with CANbus serial communication technology Car positioning with encoder Access to remote elevators by PC via Internet/LAN
Graphic LCD screen, instructive menu without abbreviations and codes Access to menu from any point by hand terminal that is connected via CANbus Log of the errors with date, time and floor number
Conformance to EN81-1/2 +A3 as a complete system Production and delivery according to customer needs With high quality, technical support and warranty of ARKEL ...


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Number of Floor : 48 stops
Control Type : Full collective
Up or Down Collective
Driving Type : Two Speed
VVVF Speed Regulated
Geared Machide
Gearless Machine (With or without machine room)
Lift Speed : Up to 2.5 m/s
Group Operation : Up to 8 elevators
Serial Communication : With car and landing panels via CANbus
Car positioning : With magnetic switches
With incremantal encoder
Door control : 2 door control on main controller
Door bridging (Door pre-opening and relevelling) : Available (Built-in, only for VVVF and hydraulic systems)
Motor-phase protection : Available (Built-in)
Programmable input/output : 14 inputs / 14 outputs
Fault storage : 256 faults (with time, date and floor number concerned)
User interface : Graphic LCD screen and 6 button keyboard