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Site owners are ARKEL Elektronik . ARKEL respects the privacy of visitors to our site ELECTRONICS . ARKEL ELECTRONIC but if you specify the website , your name, your address, your phone number or e - mail address collects personal information such as . ELECTRONIC ARKEL and / or subcontractors from you , this information will be used to meet the demands of the future information will remain confidential while in other cases the information you reported to us through the website . From time to time how we can make better our understanding of our products and services to your needs and can consult your information for us to consider . We may use this information to communicate with you . Your personal information we have obtained from you through the website without your consent in any way will not be disclosed to third parties, exclusively for their own use .

Like many other websites, ARKEL ELECTRONIC website is "cookie" (cookies), it uses a technology known. A cookie in your browser to be stored on your computer when you enter a web site on the web provider (browser) is a small text file given. A cookie is a data type with the ability to store and electronic ARKEL your browser can also be placed by a second party. cookies from Web sites used for various purposes: one or more of these areas will save you from our website password into trouble again and again for each different site you want to visit. Cookies also use our sites and analyze traffic between our sites and we are using in order to provide information on topics interested you. For example, cookies are in the field site and web pages are used to record the number of times it is clicked.

Is that the cookies are also ARKEL electronics electronics ARKEL this site to another site , or non- ARKEL of electronic advertising or link shows that you came with . This we have done in the effectiveness of the links between our sites and of non- electronic ARKEL website allows us to measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts .

Similarly, cookies our sites allows us to decide whether it be the only visitor or is registered , he visited what type of users we in this way the site and registered or unregistered our users of our site are able to identify that they use for what purpose . Cookies also allow us to learn about how they use the kind of visitors to our sites so that we can provide more information on topics that interest the user in question . This includes our use to obtain personal information about your usage of our site that you have given us as a volunteer in one of our your site.

ARKEL where the cookies for all users on the website does not have an intense ELECTRONIC list. In every use of cookies ARKEL electronics to a second party will use to collect your personal information without your permission. Many websites are set up to accept cookies. But your browser to refuse all cookies or a cookie you can set to alert you when it is sent again . However , some of our sites may not work properly if you refuse cookies.

because it is very common among Internet site operators, ARKEL ELECTRONIC websites are also protect your web server logs. Web servers automatically identify your computer the IP address of the server and store this information in the index website. When you enter your Internet IP address , or "surfing" is the number given by your Internet Service Provider when you automatically on your computer (eg , AOL, MSN, Earthlink ) . ARKEL ELECTRONIC server type in your web browser that your computer uses to access logs site ( Netscape , Internet Explorer), operating system (Windows 95 or Mac OS) , the Internet Service Provider domain name, the date from which you access our website and gather statistical information such as sites you visited and when . ARKEL ELECTRONIC websites are using these personal characteristics indicate that this web server log information for different purposes .

Some of these objectives ; system management, analyze the traffic patterns on our site in general , to obtain information about troubleshooting and site demoografik our users. Web server is not included in the index certainly personally identifiable information .

ELECTRONIC ARKEL your information by unauthorized persons accidental or deliberate replication of the uses subtractive or technical and organizational security measures to prevent misuse . As part of the collection and processing of personal information , all information sent is encrypted to prevent use by third parties for malicious purposes . Our security measures are based on new technological developments.

As a convenience to our visitors , ARKEL ELECTRONIC create a link to the site are a number of websites that we believe may offer useful information for you. The privacy policy described here does not apply to the site in question. We recommend that you connect through data collection and distribution policies of the concerned website to access information .

In the future you can always remove your personal information for any purpose in giving the authorization to use the issue. address need to do is send an e- mail .

ARKEL can go to practices and policies and regulations from time to time in ELECTRONICS these changes and policies that ARKEL the right to revise the reserves required to disclose ELECTRONICS Internet Privacy Statement . ARKEL ELECTRONICS , any changes made to the Internet Privacy Statement will be posted on this page . Any personal data you have sent your question before policy changes are effective on the date you send personal data ARKEL or rented by companies we ELECTRONICS ELECTRONICS ARKEL will be used in accordance with the Internet Privacy Statement . Your continued use of our sites after the change , renewed , modified, yadda held ARKEL ELECTRONICS Internet Privacy Statement will mean that you have permission to use the information you submit in accordance with new issues .